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Art Display Screens

Art display panels / screens for use at art shows, art exhibitions, pop-up galleries and events in London and South East. Our clients include galleries, museums, artists, event organisers, schools, art colleges, office buildings and for trade exhibitions.

The art display panels / screens have been designed and hand-made by Picture Display Systems, with the aim of providing a temporary "wall" for displaying 2-D artwork (canvases, framed pictures etc). They include our PRO Picture Hanging Rail System, for supporting pictures up to 30kg in weight
Each art display panel is lightweight yet both strong and stable, made with a smooth clean white finish, with an inner recycled rigid honeycomb filling. The side and bottom edges are protected with white plastic channel profile, to provide clean and smooth edges to the art  panels. Measuring just 32mm thick, the art display panel / screens are easy to handle and store. Each large (2m) panel weighs 16kg; each medium (1m) panel weighs (8kg)
The art display panel  screens are supported with 2 sturdy circular bases and 2 vertical aluminium poles (with a contemporary grey finish). These provide a strong and durable frame to support the white art display boards. Each vertical pole is 2.0m high, supporting the art panel / screen (1.2m high). The bottom of the art display /screen is raised 0.8m up from the floor.
Each exhibition panel is fitted with our PRO Picture Hanging Rail System to the top edge of both sides of the art display panel / screen. This allows you to exhibit artwork or pictures on both sides of the panels at the same time, using the Clear Vertical Hangers and Hooks supplied. The PRO Picture Hanging Rail system allows you to hang pictures up to a maximum combined weight of 30kg per panel (30kg on each side of the panel). 
We offer two standard sizes of art display panel / screens.
-A large art panel/screen with a display area sized 2.0m (wide) and 1.2 (height)
-A medium art panel/screen with a display area sized 1.0m (wide) and 1.2 (height)
Both panels are raised 0.8m from the floor
If required, we can produce the art display panel / screen to bespoke sizes (for example smaller panels, or up to a maximum display size of 2.0m (wide) by 1.5m (height). Please contact us with your needs.
Each vertical pole allows you to place up to 4 display screens / panels at a 90 degree angle. This means that almost any configuration or arrangement of art display panels/screen is possible. The art display panels can be used on their own (as a free-standing panel), or joined together with other panels. The only restriction is to not use more than 3 panels in a straight line without having a returning panel at 90 degrees.

The art display panel / screens can use a range of picture hanging rail accessories (sold separately) to make hanging and changing of pictures very easy. Accessories include:
-Clear Vertical Hangers (150cm)
-Hooks (20kg)
-Felt bumpers

The following additional accessories can also be purchased, if required:
-Paper Hanging Clips - allow you to hang paper / posters / thin cardboard
-Art Display Label Holders - these stick to the back of a picture, allowing you to display your own printed information labels (such as artist name, medium, price etc).
Our sister company, GingerWhite, has years of experience displaying artwork in the UK. These art display screens have been designed and produced based on our specialist knowledge of hanging pictures.

How Purchasing of Art Display Screens / Panels Works?

a) Minimum number of art display screens / panels to be purchased?
There is a minimum purchase quantity of 8 panels (this can be a mixture of large and medium sized art panels).

b) Where do you deliver the art display screens / panels?
London and South East - see delivery options below. 

c) Art Panel Purchase Prices:

Type of Product Unit Price 
(£'s exc VAT)
Unit Price
(£'s inc VAT)
Large Panel with a display area sized 2.0m (wide) and 1.2 (height) £320.00 £384
Medium with a display area sized 1.0m (wide) and 1.2 (height) £210.00 £252.00
Vertical Pole (x1) and  Base (x1) * £97.00 £116.40

* Each vertical pole includes a set of 8 clips/screws, that allow you to hang up to 4 display panels from each pole (at 90 degree angles)
Note: Volume discounts are available for orders above 10 panels/poles.


d) Delivery Options

Option 1: Hand Delivery & Set-Up (London and South East)
Our art show display panels are hand delivered to you and set-up ready to use, by our trained installers. We can offer a guaranteed 2 hour arrival time-slot for hand delivery of the art display / screen panels during weekdays, between the hours of 9am and 6pm (in London and SE). Please contact us for a bespoke quote for our delivery service and set-up fee - we will need to know how many art display panels are needed, when and where

Option 2: Free collection from our premises in East London
Our trained installers will also give you a quick demonstration of how to assemble the panels and poles.

e) Lead Times:
Our art display panels / screens are all hand made to order, with a 4 week lead time.
If you have an important event or art exhibition that you need a lot of display panels for, we suggest you contact us at least 6 weeks in advance to help ensure the art display panels are ready for you in time.

f) Please contact us for a no-obligation quote:
Please contact us for a bespoke quote for purchasing art display panels / screens. To provide you with a quote, please email or call us with the the following information:
-how many and which types of panels (large or medium)
-how many poles / bases you require (this varies depending on your planned layout of the panels)
-delivery & set-up: where and when