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Canvas Stretcher Bars

Professional Canvas Stretcher Bars

We offer 3 different types of canvas stretcher bars, varying by the depth of the bars

Standard: Our slimmest profile, each stretcher bar is 18mm deep

Premium: Our medium profile, each stretcher bar is 38mm deep, for extra strength & stability

Gallery: Our thickest stretcher bar is 44mm deep, for maximum strength & stability


Hand crafted: All of our professionally hand-crafted, kiln-dried stretcher bars are made to the highest specifications. The finger jointed timber fits together like fine furniture for the tightest possible fit, using traditional mortised corner joints for ease of assembly. 

The timber is carefully selected to eliminate knots and ensure a perfect match with each and every stretcher bar.  These stretcher bars are "dead straight" and not subject to warping and will lie 100% flat against the wall (unlike some cheaper stretcher bars sold online)

Special attention is also given to corner joints to guarantee that all of our stretcher bars fit neatly together and lie flat against the wall.

Highest Quality: Our stretcher bars are manufactured in the UK to the highest specification and subject to careful quality control throughout production. All of our timber is sourced from suppliers who comply with FSC & PEFC certified procedures. Our products also comply fully with the EUTR timber regulations (EU) no:995/2010 (EUTR). "The EU Timber Regulation (EU) No: 995/2010 makes it illegal to place illegally harvested timber and timber products into the EU for the first time" >

Available Sizes:  Available in 1 inch increments, ranging in lengths from 8 inches (203mm) up to 71 inches (1803mm). Please contact us for stretcher bars longer than 71 inches.

All the sizes are interchangeable, so you could make a 6” x 60” or 40” x 30” or any size combination your wish.

For larger frame sizes, say greater than 40" (100cm), there is a possibility the Standard (thinnest) bars will bow over time (depending on room conditions), so we recommend using Premium or Gallery stretcher bars for larger frames. 

Made to Measure: Made to measure stretcher bars can be produced to nearest mm, up to a maximum size of 1803mm.  For pricing, use next nearest inch equivalent (round upwards).

Easy to assemble:  The stretcher bars easily slot together by hand. No special tools are needed to assemble the slotted stretcher bars. A soft faced hammer mallet helps to tap the corners together. Note there is no need to glue or screw the stretcher bars, they just slot together to make the external frame, then stretch your canvas over the frame, and tap in your corner wedges (supplied)

Corner Wedges: Stretched canvases can lose tension over time, for example due to changes in room temperature. The slotted corner joints allow you tap in the corner wedges (supplied with each pair of stretcher bars), into the corners of the frame, opening it up very slightly and re-tensioning the canvas again (so it is tight like a drum).

Pricing: The prices shown on our website are for a pair of stretcher bars, including corner wedges.
For example, to produce one canvas frame sized 14” by 20”, you need to order one pair of 14” stretcher bars and one pair of 20” stretcher bars. Each pair comes with 2 corner wedges.

Cross Brace Bars: Cross bars are available for our stretcher bars, available in lengths from 8” to 71”, to provide added strength and stability for larger frames. Please see here for full details

Volume Discounts: We offer the following volume discounts for larger orders of stretcher bars:
  • 5% for orders over £150 (inc VAT);
  • 10% over £300 (inc VAT);
  • 12.5% over £500 (inc VAT);
  • 15% over £1000 (inc VAT).

These discounts can apply to a mixture of different stretcher bar sizes and types (i.e. they don't have to be all the same type or size of stretcher bars). 

Please note volume discounts are not automatically set-up when ordering directly on our website. To receive these discounts, place your order on our website using the Purchase Order option, and one of our team will contact you with a discounted quote - for payment by card over the phone or via BACS transfer.

Returns policy: All stretcher bars and cross braces are made to order, so we can NOT offer any exchanges or refunds (where stretcher bars have been supplied and made correctly).

Lead time: It takes about 1-2 weeks from payment for your stretcher bars to be ready.

Delivery:  Stretcher bars are packaged up and sent out for UK Mainland delivery by a courier. The delivery price varies by length of bars:

  • For stretcher bars less than 1.5m long, please select the "Large Parcel UK Mainland" delivery option
  • For stretcher bars longer than 1.5m, please select the "Extra Large Parcel (>1.5m) UK Mainland" delivery option
Please note that as the stretcher bars are manufactured off-site, we do NOT offer free collection of stretcher bars from our London shop in Bethnal Green. 





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