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Custom-Made Picture Mounts & Backing Boards

1) Bespoke Picture Mounts
We produce made-to-measure single or double bevel cut mounts to fit within your picture frame. Picture mounts enhance the visual appearance of your framed picture, by providing a border (or window) around your print/picture. Picture mounts also add an extra layer of protection to your picture/print, by preventing it from touching the frame glazing. Our precision cut picture mounts are acid free and meet the Fine Art Trade Guild conservation level standard. The picture mounts are available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Click here for full details

2) Bespoke Backing Boards
We produce made-to-measure white backing boards, sometimes called white barrier boards. The backing boards are placed behind your picture / print to help protect the artwork and resist the effects of ageing. The backing boards also help to position your print/picture and attach the picture mount (use tape to create a "hinge" at the top of the backing board). Our boards are acid free and meet the Fine Art Trade Guild conservation level standard. Click here for full details.

3) Bespoke Safety Acrylic Glazing
We produce made-to-measure clear safety acrylic (styrene) picture frame glazing Some customers prefer to use acrylic safety glazing instead of traditional picture frame glass for health and safety reasons (as it reduces the risk of injury if the picture frame falls and the glass shatters). We also use acrylic glazing if the picture frames are to be delivered by a courier service (glass picture frames can be broken by couriers if not handled with care).  Click here for full details.