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Large Hard Wall Hooks (Pack of 10)

Large Hard Wall Hooks (Pack of 10)

Product Code: PDSWH2_10

Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £3.84
2 4 £3.46
5 9 £3.26
10 29 £3.17
30 49 £3.07
50 £2.98

Conventional long picture hook pins, do not work with walls made of concrete and hard bricks. 

Use these moulded hooks instead, with short hardened steel pins pre-loaded. Hammer them into the hardest surfaces. They can usually be easily removed, leaving minimal marking.

Width of hook at top: 20mm
Width of hook at bottom: 8mm
Overall height of hook: 40mm
Use cord, not wire. Do not use these hooks for very heavy or valuable pictures.

The prices shown below are for packs of 10 hooks.