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Panel Display Hanging Kit (10kg)

Product Code: PDS_H300

Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £7.70
2 4 £6.93
5 9 £6.55
10 29 £6.36
30 49 £6.16
50 £5.97

How do you hang board, wood, Dibond, acrylic, glass, aluminium or similar panels without fixing a hook on the back? How do you hang unframed drawings on board in a gallery? How do you hang merchandising materials in a shop, showroom or office?

SIMPLE: With this Panel Display Hanging Kit you can hang any panel between 3mm and 6mm thick, up to a maximum weight of 10 kg, onto picture hanging cables.

Each kit comprises of 4 hooks that fit onto the vertical hangers (suitable for both clear nylon or steel cable up to 2mm diameter) that are used with picture hanging rail systems.

The 2 upper clips attach the top of your display panel to the vertical hanger.

The 2 lower clips are self-locking and attach to the bottom of your display panel.

With the self-locking lower clips you can easily adjust the perfect display height, with the upper clips just gripping the top of your panel against the vertical hanger.

This set is intended to hang one panel using a picture hanging rail system (hanging rail and vertical hangers are not included).