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Rod Fittings & Accessories

Rod Fittings & Accessories

-These rod display fittings allow you to professionally display posters (A4 to A0 size)

-The 6mm diameter rod, along with the rod grips, can be used to display arrangements of stylish clear acrylic poster holders. See here for Acrylic Poster Holders

-The 6mm rods can either by mounted to between the floor and ceiling, or wall-to-wall, using the appropriate fixings.

-High quality finish in tune with today's sophisticated consumer, bringing a refined and contemporary ambience to any interior. Featuring stainless steel rod, smart and durable satin chrome finish fittings, with stylish clear acrylic poster holders.

-Perfect for retail (window displays), offices (displaying corporate information) and exhibitions.

-Supplied with full fitting instructions.

-Manaufactured in the UK (don't be fooled by cheaper and inferior imports)